Wrist Tendonitis Exercises

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Taking proper care of your wrists includes participating in wrist tendonitis exercises. Whether you have suffered from the condition for a long time and are finally seeking treatment, or if you have noticed some of the symptoms creeping up on you over time, be sure to take the time in your day to do wrist tendonitis stretches so that you won’t experience worsened symptoms.

While performing wrist tendonitis exercises wear a wrist support. The wrist support offers unique pain relief while participating in activities that involve the wrist. Suffering from wrist tendonitis can be a painful experience that can be made less so with the proper tools. The Cho-Pat® Wrist Support will provide relief and allow flexibility for your wrist tendonitis stretches.

Wrist Tendonitis Stretches

Some wrist tendonitis stretches for you to consider include:
  • Flexion and Extension – For this exercise, rest your arm on a table so that your wrist and hand hang over the edge. With your hand in a fist, bend your wrist so that the hand goes upwards. Hold for ten seconds. Move the wrist back down into a resting position and hold for five seconds. Repeat ten times.
  • Hand Flip – For this exercise, sit upright in a chair, with your knees at a ninety degree angle. Place your forearm and wrist on your thigh, palm facing downward. Flip the hand over so that the palm is now facing up and hold for five seconds. Flip it back down and hold for five more seconds. Repeat this action ten times.
  • Radial and Ulnar Deviation – For this exercise, extend your arm straight out in front of you, level with your shoulder. Point your fingers upward so you are looking at the back of your hand. Slowly bend the wrist to one side, then the other, bending as far as you can go, without rotating the arm. Hold it on each side for five to ten seconds. Repeat this action ten times.

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