Must-See Cycling Routes Around the World

Must-See Cycling Routes Around the World


The National Geographic book Journeys of a Lifetime features 10 cycling routes around the world that every enthusiast should try to experience. Here’s a condensed version of their list.

Canada – La Route Verte

This nearly 2,500-mile route crosses Quebec from east to west. It has varied vistas and terrains that add both beauty and challenge to a ride, and it is also very easy to follow, with plenty of interesting sights along the way.

U.S./Canada – Underground Railroad Bicycle Route

This is also among the longest cycling routes highlighted by National Geographic, stretching more than 2,000 miles from Mobile, Ala. to Owen Sound, Ontario. Several sites along the route are dedicated to African-American history, including museums and former slave markets.

Chile – Ruta Austral

It is a bit treacherous in that it is mostly surfaced with unpaved gravel, but it’s also beautiful. It includes beautiful landscapes through two national parks as well as native forests. The route runs 810 miles and also includes several ferry boat transfers.

Australia – Munda Biddi Trail

Meaning “path through the forest,” in the Aboriginal language, this trail runs 206 miles. Be prepared to see wallabies, possum, kangaroos and several other types of native wildlife along your ride.

Italy – Gran Fondo Campagnolo

This route is named for the inventor of the modern gear-shifting system, Tulio Campagnolo. This is a scheduled ride that occurs in mid-June. It runs for 130 miles and takes participants on a nearly 14,000-foot climb.

Vietnam – Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City

You’ll travel nearly 750 miles between the two biggest cities in the country along long stretches of coastline. While it’s beautiful, it’s also grueling, with several natural obstacles and varying road surfaces.

France – Luchon/Bayonne

You can follow the route taken by Tour de France riders in 1910 – the first year the event stretched through mountain passes. In fact, you’ll be crossing four of them. You will get a true appreciation for how hard it was for those original riders, because the passes were unpaved at the time.

Belgium/France – Route du Comte Jean

Stretching 137 miles from Belgium into northern France, this route is named after a 14th-century Flemish general. While you won’t be going through any mountains, you’ll still need to deal with stiff winds along the coast.

Britain – Land’s End/John O’ Groats

Riders have a variety of choices regarding what type of route to take between these two points, with the longest being more than 900 miles. The wind will likely be with you the entire way. According to the National Geographic website, the first time this route was completed in 1885 it took 65 days.

South Africa – Cape Argus Pick ‘n’ Pay Cycle Tour

This race is only 68 miles long but it typically attracts 35,000 participants. If you’re not the competitive type, make sure you enjoy the section of the ride that takes you through Table Mountain National Park.

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