The X Brace Was My Answer for Painful, Burning Feet!

The X Brace Was My Answer for Painful, Burning Feet!


Lacrosse was my dream; lacrosse was my life! 

Rain or shine I was out there on the field practicing the sport I loved. I felt invincible; nothing could stop me. I was wrong.

It started as a slow aching pain in the heels of my feet, which eventually led to an unbearable burning pain preventing me from playing the sport I loved.


Running became the most dreaded part of practice as every corner cut led to the ignition of a burning fire in my feet.


I decided to seek a solution which included new shoes and every advanced ankle bracelet on the market. Nothing would rid my feet of the pain!!


Zach playing Lacrosse


One day my father brought home these small, elastic bands called The X Brace. I couldn’t help but laugh, “You seriously think this thing is going to help?”!

He asked for me give it a try and with a lot of serious doubts, I decided why not – I’ve tried everything else. The following day at practice after running a tedious warm up I noticed the pain in my foot was minimal. Placebo I thought. There is no way this little brace is actually helping.

I finished practice with little discomfort and decided I needed to give this X Brace a serious chance. The next practice resulted exactly as the day before as the pain was minimal. After wearing at practice for a week all my pain had dissipated.


I was able to run at my full potential once again!! I never would have believed such a simple brace would be the solution to my problem.


The brace is small, comfortable and after five minutes you will completely forget you are even wearing it. Anyone experiencing similar pain to me should know there is a quick fix. The X Brace changed my life, and it can easily change your life too!

- Zach B.



PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website and article is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation.

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