Advanced Flexibility Solution


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You Save 15% ($23.98)

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Advanced Flexibility Solution

Flexible and strong muscles make everyday activities easier on your body and help decrease your risk of injury.

Advanced Flexibility Solution includes the essentials for long-term healing:


  • Originally developed for use by physical therapists
  • Uses the body’s natural traction to achieve a safe and effective lower back stretch.
  • Promotes stretching of the entire core: hamstrings, lower back, hips, piriformis, and obliques.
  • Delivers optimal stretching for three levels of fitness that can be used in seated, standing, or floor positions.

FOR DEEP STRETCHING - StretchRite® Stretching Strap

  • The patented system is ideal for stretching and conditioning every major muscle group in your body.
  • Stretches tight shoulder muscles.
  • Delivers a variety of integrated stretches to prevent “chain reaction” injuries due to muscle compensation.
  • Ergonomically-shaped handgrips make it simple to adjust tension during the stretch.

FOR MASSAGE - ProStretch® Type A+ Stick Massage Roller

  • The ProStretch Type A+ stick massage roller is the perfect trigger point muscle massage tool to help relieve signs of IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, hamstring strains, shin splints, lower back tightness, and glute pain.
  • It has five gears that work great for the upper and lower extremities.
  • The blue and white gears have our softest Skin Surface Technology (SST) and provide a softer and more tactile feel to your muscle massage.



How do I put the CoreStretch together?

CoreStretch Assembly Instructions


The adjustment buttons on my CoreStretch are stuck. What should I do?

If you are having any trouble using CoreStretch, please contact customer service at 1-800-810-1740.


How do I adjust the length of the CoreStretch?

Locate the metal button in one of the numbered positions along the shaft of the CoreStretch. Press the button in and slide the pole up or down to adjust for height.


Does CoreStretch provide abdominal strengthening?

No, the CoreStretch is designed to stretch major muscle groups such as your back, shoulders, legs and hips.


How do I position or hold the CoreStretch properly?

Sit with a straight back and arms fully extended above your head. The handles should reach the center of your palms.




What are the plastic things on the StretchRite for?

The plastic pieces of the StretchRite are the handles you hold while stretching. They are designed to be easy to grip and allow for progressive stretching programs. You can increase your stretch by advancing to the next hand grip position.


What exercises can be done with StretchRite?

The product manual (provided with purchase) includes exercises and an instructional video is available online. You can find both of these on our Videos and User Guides page.


Is StretchRite adjustable for different heights?

The StretchRite has adjustable buckles at the end of the handles to allow for customizable length.