3 Products that WILL Increase Bicycle Safety

3 Products that WILL Increase Bicycle Safety - Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products

At Medi-Dyne, we help you get back on your bike (/pain-solution-center.html) after you’ve been injured. But we’d also like to keep you from beinghurt in the first place. To that end, here are some bicycle safety products we recently came across that will help keep you protected while you’re on the road.

The Light You Simply Cannot Destroy

The Fortified Bicycle Alliance has created two indestructible bike lights – known as the Aviator and the Afterburner – that are not only tough, but also nearly impossible to steal. The inventors, according to their website, were inspired to design the lights after a friend’s bicycle safety light was stolen. He was subsequently struck by a vehicle while riding. The lights lock onto the seat post of the bike and handlebars. Each model contains a lithium-ion battery that is designed to last for approximately 40 hours and can be recharged by plugging them into a USB port.

Hit-and-Run Drivers Beware

The Rideye provides high-definition of accidents, much like an airplane’s black box is used to help determine the cause of a plane crash. The inventor was also inspired by an accident that injured a friend. The Rideye provides video footage that can identify hit-and-run drivers and runs on a battery designed to last 24 hours. It fits easily on a bike’s handlebars.

Shine a Bright Light on Your Ride

Revolights increase bicycle safety by incorporating LED lighting directly onto a bike’s wheels. Just like a car, they incorporate both taillights and brake lights, making cyclists much more visible as they ride.

While Medi-Dyneobviously wants you to remain safe while you’re riding, if you ever do suffer an injury we provide a wide range of products that can get you back up and around if you ever suffer an injury. Contact us to learn more.

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