How to Relieve and Prevent Hammer Toes?

Illustration of a foot with a hammer toe

How to Relieve and Prevent Hammer Toes?

Your feet are important parts of your body. You spend a great deal of time walking and standing each day. When problems develop, you may experience endless pain. There are common conditions that lead to discomfort, including hammer toes.

A hammer toe forms as the end of the digit bends down. At the same time, the toe's middle joint curls upward. With time, the toe becomes stuck in a stiff position. Although it can happen to any toe, it is likely to affect the one that is next to your big toe. It is important to recognize how to prevent hammer toe problems and how to identify effective hammer toe treatment options.


Causes of a Hammer Toe

To prevent hammer toe issues, you should understand what causes this foot problem. In most instances, a hammer toe forms when you wear footwear that is very tight. High heels may cause problems as well. As your foot is squeezed, one of your toes bends up. After prolonged time in this position, your toe's muscles and tendons become tight and tend to shorten. If you were born with long toe bones, you have a higher risk of developing this condition. Rheumatoid arthritis increases the likelihood of suffering with a hammer toe as well.


Symptoms of a Hammer Toe

The major sign of a hammer toe is its appearance. Your toe bends up at its middle joint. In time, you will not be able to straighten it out and will experience pain. If the toe rubs against the inside of your shoe, you may develop corns or blisters. These will add to your foot pain. The joint in the toe may ache as well.


How to Prevent Hammer Toe Problems?

It is vital to understand how to prevent hammer toe problems. According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are a few easy ways to keep a hammer toe from developing.

1. Sensible Shoes

Although you may want to look fashionable in your fancy pumps, it is advised to wear sensible shoes all day. To prevent hammer toe problems, you should select a pair that has a wide and deep toe box. This provides adequate space for your feet. If a hammer toe problem has already started, you should wear shoes that have proper arch support. This helps to slow the progression of the problem.

2. Foot Exercises

There are a few exercises that can straighten your toes. For example, it is wise to extend and curl your toes a few minutes each day. Nobody will know that you are actually exercising your feet. However, it will help to prevent digital contraction.

3. Treat Corns and Calluses

As previously discussed, corns and calluses that form on a hammer toe can be more painful than the toe issue itself. This is extremely common in diabetics. It is advised to use a pumice stone to file down a corn after a warm bath. Also, it is smart to use a silicone or moleskin padding in your shoes to prevent rubbing.


How to Relieve Hammer Toe Discomfort?

There are a number of hammer toe treatment options.

  • Ice. If you experience pain in your toe, you can apply ice. This helps to decrease swelling and soreness.
  • NSAIDs. OTC anti-inflammatory medications, including ibuprofen, can help to lower pain and swelling.
  • Steroid injections. When severe pain and swelling occur, your doctor may inject your toe's joint with a steroid.
  • Orthotic insoles. An orthotic insert can prevent hammer toe problems and can alleviate pain when one develops. An insert is made of foam material that redistributes your body's weight so that extra stress is removed from your feet and toes.

In dire cases, surgery may be the best hammer toe treatment. This is advised when you have no remaining flexibility in your digit. Fortunately, this is a simple outpatient procedure that only requires a local anesthetic. In the end, some flexibility may be returned to your toe.


How to Relieve Hammer Toe Discomfort with Effective Products?

Hammer toe problems are very common. In fact, up to 10 percent of people in this country suffer with hammer toe deformities. Research shows that this occurs most often in women and in older age groups. Luckily, a person can begin treatment at home. There are certain products that are made to straighten a hammer toe so that the condition does not get worse. It is best to be diagnosed by a podiatrist so that an effective treatment plan can be developed.


Tuli's® HammerRx® Toe Straightener

When you are looking to uncover how to relieve hammer toe discomfort, Tuli's HammerRx Toe Straightener is a smart product to use. This item comfortably corrects certain hammer toe cases. This hammer toe straightener pulls down on your toe so that the tendons become straight. As a result, pain and discomfort are alleviated.


Tuli's HammerRx Toe Straightener


Great product
"This is a game-changer! I've had great success with it from the moment the doctor put it on. I love it! And it doesn't have a large concentrated portion that you walk on all day and it causes pain. The straps are evenly distributed to the sides of your foot." - Lou



The Tuli's HammerRx is crafted from a soft, thin, and flexible strap and sleeve that fit over your toe. The strap provides support and offers a perfect amount of tension that makes the toe become straight. As you walk, the soft-touch closure keeps things in place. Unlike other products, your feet will not detect any rough or uncomfortable edges. Thanks to its slim profile, it can be worn all day without hassle. It fits snuggly into most shoes, including sandals. Socks are not needed.

Initially, you wear the HammerRx a few hours each day. As weeks progress, you gradually increase this amount of time. The best part is that it can be worn during any type of activity. Its latex-free design makes it perfect for anyone with a hammer toe.

A hammer toe can add a great deal of pain to your normal day. When you have trouble walking, it affects your entire mood. There are many ways to prevent a hammer toe from developing. However, if you suffer with this problem, surgeries are not always the necessary remedy. One of the best at-home treatments is Tuli's HammerRx. When you take care of your feet, they will take care of you.












PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website and article is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation.

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