Improve Your Running: Learn The Right Breathing Technique

Improve Your Running: Learn The Right Breathing Technique - Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products

It can be very easy for runners to overlook the proper breathing technique. However, if you learn to get the most out of your respiratory system, you’ll wind up getting the most out of your workout. The more oxygen your muscles get, the longer they will be able to last. At Medi-Dyne, we want to share some tips that will help you have a much more pleasurable – and worthwhile – running experience.

Fighting Fatigue

The intercostal muscles run between your ribs, making it possible for you to inhale and exhale. The diaphragm separates your abdomen from your chest. If you train these muscles just like you’d train muscles like calves and hamstrings, you will be able to run farther before becoming fatigued. The more strained your breathing becomes, the more your legs will struggle to function properly as you run. By employing the proper breathing technique, however, you’ll be able to take in more oxygen and feed those muscles.

Most runners don’t breathe from their bellies, but rather their chests. When you do this, your shoulders get very tense and move up and down. This wasted energy can lead to reduced endurance. While it’s a hard habit to break, work on breathing through your stomach instead of your chest while you’re on your run. Here are some ways to do so:

  • When you breathe in, your stomach should fill up in a manner similar to a balloon. As you breathe out, the balloon will deflate. Try to work on breathing with your belly when you’re not running and it will be easier to breathe through your chest when you’re running.
  • While you’re running, breathe through your mouth. It will help keep your face more relaxed and make it easier to inhale deeply.
  • Try coordinating your inhalations and exhalations with each step. Breathe in while taking two steps, and then breathe out while taking your next two steps. Try to advance to breathing in and out every three steps, then try to do so every four steps.

Try to work on your breathing technique and you should find your runs lasting longer because you have more endurance. If you ever need any sort of training aids to help improve your flexibility or reduce foot and heel pain, visit Medi-Dyne’s online store. Have you tried to work on your breathing while out on a run? Share your story with us by clicking one of the social media buttons on this page.

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