Top Running Injury No. 6: Tight Hamstrings

Top Running Injury No. 6: Tight Hamstrings

This is the sixth in a 10-part series outlining some of the most common injuries suffered by runners.

Nothing can put an abrupt end to a refreshing run than tight hamstrings. When the muscles in your hamstrings are stretched too far, small tears take place in the fibers of those muscles. Also, quick, twisting motions and sudden sprints can also lead to this problem. Medi-Dyne would like to share some information with you that will not only help you understand why this injury occurs, but also what you can do should it ever happen to you.


Anyone can get tight hamstrings; the problem isn’t exclusive to runners or other athletes. Even normal walking or light jogging can cause the problem. The hamstrings help you bend your knee – when they are strained, it can be extremely difficult for you to walk or perform any other type of regular movement. It can even be impossible. Here are some of the most common reasons people have issues with their hamstrings.

  • You suddenly stop and start as your exercise routine.
  • You over exert yourself by running, jumping or suddenly changing direction.
  • You either fail to stretch or you over-stretch when warming up.


You should see a doctor if you experience any of the following:

  • You have extreme hamstring tightness or spasms.
  • You can’t put any weight on your leg, or you can’t walk or stand without a great deal o pain.
  • You notice swelling and bruising.

2Steps to Pain-Free Running

Medi-Dyne and many top sports retailers have worked together to create the Medi-Dyne 2Steps Pain Free Zone. There, you’ll be able to not only get further information on tight hamstrings and other problems, but also ways to find relief. For example, our Cho-Pat® Thigh Compression Sleeve will help provide immediate support and increased circulation. The CoreStretch™ provides a deep stretch of the hamstrings that can help you avoid further injury. Visit or e-store or call us at 800-810-1740 to learn more.

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