Tuli’s® Brand Continues to Innovate

Tuli's Brand Continues to Innovate

Tuli's Continues to Innovate

The Tuli’s® brand was originally developed by the late podiatrist, Dr. Murray Davidson.  Dr. Davidson understood that nature’s design was best, so when creating the Tuli’s Heel Cup, he mimicked the natural padding and fatty tissue we already have in our feet.  The recognizable, multi-cell, multi-layer patterned heel cup soon became the most recommended heel cup in the world.

In 1998, Dr. Davidson sold the Tuli’s company to Med-Dyne®.  With continued guidance from Dr. Davidson and other leading medical professionals, Medi-Dyne expanded upon on the Tuli’s legacy by developing many other products incorporating the multi-cell, multi-layer pattern.  Full-length replacement insoles, ¾ length and full-length arch supports, additional specific use heel cups, and gel-based foot cushioning products have been brought to market by Medi-Dyne during this endeavor.

Over the years, Medi-Dyne has grown and now owns and markets three additional brands – 2Toms®, Cho-Pat® and ProStretch®.  With this growth, Medi-Dyne has not lost sight of the Tuli’s brand and the podiatry market.  Tuli’s is the foundation of Medi-Dyne and what everything else has been built upon.  To further strengthen that foundation, Medi-Dyne continues to improve and advance the Tuli’s product line.

As the population gets older and people become more active no matter their age, more injuries and discomfort are an obvious result.  And while no two people are the same, Medi-Dyne understands that all solutions for their discomfort are also not the same.  It was in this sentiment that Medi-Dyne released three new products to the Tuli’s line in 2020. 

Released in January of 2020, the patent pending Tuli’s So Soft® Heel Cups have become the most comfortable heel cup in the Tuli’s line.  They combine the performance of the Tuli’s Heavy Duty™ Gel Heel Cup and a soft cloth heel bed for maximum comfort.  A low-profile heel backing makes them easily worn in almost any shoe.  For full foot comfort, the Tuli’s So Soft Insoles were released in March of 2020.  They incorporate the well familiar Tuli’s pattern in a thin insole covered by the same soft cloth found on the So Soft Heel Cups.  The So Soft Insoles will not crowd shoes, can be trimmed to fit, and help reduce the occurrence of sweat often experienced with other gel insoles.  The Tuli’s So Soft products are bound to become staples for foot comfort.

Medi-Dyne’s most exciting news for the Tuli’s brand occurred in April of 2020, when they released the Tuli’s Plantar Fasciitis Insoles designed specifically for sufferers of plantar fasciitis.  Nothing was missed in designing this insole.  It provides cushioning from the Tuli’s multi-cell, multi-layer heel bed and metatarsal pad for immediate comfort.  Rigid medial arch and metatarsal arch support the foot and helps aid in alignment.  The heel includes a cradle for added comfort and the heel cushion is slightly angled to promote good posture and eases stress on the heel.  Users have confirmed these insoles provide comfort for every step, benefiting those with plantar fasciitis, over pronators and individuals with flat feet and fallen arches.

Not to be outdone by 2020, 2021 is looking just as busy for new Tuli’s products.  Just announced in March, is a new version of the popular Tuli’s Cheetah® Heel Cup with Compression Sleeve.  The patent pending Tuli’s Cheetah Gen2™ is a heel cup built onto a lightweight compression sleeve designed to provide comfort and relief for heel pain associated with Sever’s disease, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis.  It provides shock absorption, heel cushion, elevates the heel bone, and stays in place without taping or strapping, making it perfect for barefoot activities including gymnastics, tumbling, dancing, martial arts, and more.  The new Tuli’s Cheetah Gen2 also has a seamless design and neutral uniform color.

Medi-Dyne is currently working to develop many other products for all its brands including the Tuli’s line.  Expect to see more from them soon including a new hammertoe product to be introduced later this spring.

For more information about Medi-Dyne and the Tuli’s brand, visit or call 1-800-810-1740. 

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