Back Pain Exercises

runner with lower back pain

Strengthen Your Core

Not surprisingly; a person in good physical condition will generally reduce their risk of back injuries while the risk for those with weak core fitness is nearly doubled.

Increase Flexibility

By stretching the muscles in the posterior chain and anterior chain, you can maximize your flexibility and drastically reduce your risk of muscle imbalance injury.

Work on Coordination and Balance

Just walking regularly for exercise can help you maintain your coordination and balance. Performing balance exercises can also help to keep you steady on your feet and reduce the risk of micro injuries.

Check the Foundation

Be sure that your feet are healthy, that your arches are properly supported and your shoes are providing maximum shock absorption.

NOTE: Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program. It's important to resume your usual activities gradually. If your body isn't completely healed, returning to your usual activities too quickly may only cause continued pain.

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