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Dealing With Heel Spurs - Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products

Have you ever dealt with pain on your feet?

It is not a pleasant feeling and although it may seem simple it can be quite complicated to know what exactly you are dealing with. Knowing what is the problem is only the beginning of finding a solution to your pain. I began feeling pain on my heel and did the first thing most people do, self-diagnose (come on admit it).

The pain I felt before being diagnosed (or self-diagnosed) was constant discomforting pressure on the bottom of my heel. It was not on both feet, only on my right foot which made me think I made have fractured something. I began trying to identify the pain and the closest thing that came to mind was a stabbing pain as we feel when getting a wood splint stuck in our skin.

This pain was on-going, and it felt worse when trying to jog or even walk for a long period of time. I was trying to do less activity since it made me feel in pain. For this reason, I began to research how to deal with my foot pain.

I first noticed my foot pain after a day of work. I had done nothing out of the ordinary, yet I had a sharp pain under my heel. I first thought my feet must be tired. However, the next morning the pain persisted and became more constant. It also became more overwhelming to do simple things such as walking and running.

It was too painful. I felt the pain throughout any activity. I ran a lot less, took many more breaks, and could not be on my feet a lot. The pain reached the point that I needed to find a solution as rest was not enough and I needed to get to my normal daily activity. 

As I began to learn about the probable causes of my pain, I also discovered many products that claim to solve those pains. Many of the products seem to be very generic, targeting all symptoms of foot pain. This made me feel skeptical and less comfortable.


Tuli's Polar Bear Heel Cups

I had identified that my pain was more than likely due to a heel spur since I could feel a small bump on the bottom of my heel. I came across a product that was designed solely for Heel Spurs, the Tuli’s Polar Bear gel heel cups. The product is made from a gel material and it even offers a 30-day guarantee.

This was a rare find as most of the other products had generic silicon pads and what looked to be a hard surface. I decided to give them a try and see how the product works. I remember asking myself: 


“What do I have to lose?” 


I put the product to test right away. I tried them in my work heels, flats, and tennis shoes. I wore my gel heel cups from the early morning until the evening. As I entered my home back from a long day at work, I could already tell the difference.

I was not even thinking about the pain, I took off my shoes and realized, I had been wearing the product all day! (Usually, when trying a new pair of shoes, or product on my feet I cannot even go hours with it).

If you ask me how it feels to wear the product? Uhm…


it feels like walking on clouds!


I received instant relief from the sharp pain and as I took steps it provided energy like a spring would or that same feeling you get when jumping on a trampoline.

Don’t get me wrong, you will not spring up from the ground, but the cushioning does not only absorb the impact, but it also makes it easier to walk. The best part is that you cannot really feel them in your shoes. They are low profile, so they fit easily, and you forget you are even wearing anything. 

I know what you are thinking, okay it feels comfortable… but do they really work? That was the same question I had. Is this product going to solve my issue or is it just providing some temporary pain relief?

After using Tuli's Polar Bear gel heel cups for about a month my pain had gone away completely and I could not feel a bump or anything on the bottom of my heel. This was astonishing to me, not only had the pain been relieved but it not seems to have corrected my condition.



Even though my heel spur seems to have gone away I continue to use my Polar Bears gel heel cups. Why you might ask? I love the feeling of extra cushion and support I get; it feels like I am not wearing anything, and they make me feel less tired after a long day.

The real question is why wouldn’t I wear them? Tuli’s Polar Bears gel heel cup is a true solution to heel spurs that provide the cushion and support needed for my feet to be pain-free and feel comfortable. 

 - Deborah


Tuli's Heel Cups 

Tuli's Heel Cups are the #1 Podiatrist recommended Heel Cups in the world. Nothing works better or lasts longer than your Tuli’s® Heel Cups. They are literally shock absorbers for your feet! They are ideal for heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Sever’s Disease, sports and running, and more.











PLEASE NOTE: The information on this website and article is for information only and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation.

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