Pro-Golfer Michele' Forgione Found the Best Grip Protection for His Game

Pro-Golfer Michele' Forgione Found the Best Grip Protection for His Game

If you play golf, then you know it’s a game which requires endless amounts of practice. As a professional golfer I spend nine to ten hours a day training. The key to good practice is knowing exactly what I am going to work on before I arrive at the practice ground. Being on the course for so long in the Florida heat and humidity, your hands can quickly collect moisture making it hard to grip the club. I found myself constantly using my towel to dry them off or just training through the poor grip out of pure frustration.

Keeping my hands dry is vital for me to get the most out of my training and enhance my performance. It wasn’t until I was watching a training video from one of my favorite fitness instructors when I saw white chalk on his hands in the gym. I thought to myself there must be a grip enhancer that I can use for golf and that’s when I found GripShield. The first day I used it I had my best practice session in a long time. On the course I could swing confidently knowing that my grip wasn’t going to go, I could practice for hours without the interruption of needing my towel and I had much improved feel around the greens.

GripShield has become a staple in my golf bag. It’s convenient to carry, easy to use and what I like most is it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. I think for any athlete we are always striving to get better even if it’s just one percent - there’s always room for improvement. That one percent could be the difference between winning and losing, so no matter what level you are at or what sport you play stay on top of your game.

If you’d like to join me on my journey, then follow my Instagram page @forgioneprogolf.

 - Michele’ Forgione (London, UK)

Michele' Forgione is a Professional Golfer competing in Europe & USA

2Toms GripShield is a perspiration barrier for hands. Formulated to work fast to keep hands dry, and enhance the grip, 2Toms GripShield is used by anyone who is concerned about wet sweaty hands.

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