Getting Your Body Ready for Cycling Season

Getting Your Body Ready for Cycling Season - Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products

While cycling is obviously a low-impact sport, it can have a detrimental impact on your body if you are not thoroughly prepared before you start the new season. Any kind of physical training can result in an injury if you don’t protect yourself, and cycling is no exception. Whether you just take a few spins around your block or you put in a 20-mile ride each day, the professionals with Medi-Dyne want to make sure you’re protected. Here are some tips to help make sure you’ll be ready once it’s time to climb in the seat.

Common Problem Areas

Cycling can lead to several different types of injuries. If you don’t properly train before starting your own regimen, these are just some of the problems you may be at risk of developing:

The importance of a good training schedule that will help you build up to longer distances and more intensive workouts cannot be overstated. Your body needs to be able to adapt to the stress of training – especially if you haven’t been that active through the winter. If you jump right into cycling long distances rather than gradually building up over time, you could be setting yourself up for a great deal of pain.

Making the Right Adjustments

In addition to proper hydration and nutrition, stretching can also be a great benefit both before and after your ride. However, the fit of your bike is extremely important to reducing the chances that injuries will occur. Since cycling is repetitive, if your bike is not adjusted properly from the start, you’ll just keep making the same mistake over and over again. Eventually, the odds are that an injury will take place.

For example, the height of the saddle is key. Not only will you have more power if the saddle is adjusted properly, you’ll also have a more efficient workout. If you are unable to fully extend your legs because your seat is too low, you run the risk of having hamstring problems.

Work up gradually to those longer distances. Remember, the stronger the foundation, the stronger the entire house will be. Medi-Dyne carries a wide range of products that can help you avoid some of the common problems that can occur during cycling. Visit our e-store or call us at 800-810-1740 to learn more.

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