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Whether you are a regular jogger or a marathon runner, or just lead a physically active lifestyle, you will be familiar with a few common problems caused by prolonged and intense physical activity.

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Causes of Chafing

While chafing and blisters are not issues that may figure prominently on a list of relatively serious medical complications such as runner’s knee or cramps, they are most common. Chafing can also develop into a more long-term hindrance that can cause serious discomfort during your training routine or after.

When parts of your anatomy rub against each other repetitively as you run, it can cause skin-on-skin chafing. Fabric-on-skin chafing occurs due to abrasive material or sensitive skin. Chafing causes soreness of the skin and is exacerbated by moisture from sweating. Both these problems can be prevented by applying anti chafing products in the form of a powder or solution. They are applied to the most susceptible parts of your skin before you set out on your run or activity.

Causes of Blisters

Another related issue that athletes face is blisters. As painful pressure is applied to a localized part of the skin, the outer skin layers separate from the inner layers. Lymph is produced as a reaction and collects between the layers, forming a blister. Blisters are more painful and harder to heal. They usually form on the foot and are most often the result of ill-fitting shoes. Shoes that are too tight can heighten the intensity of friction between the skin and the sock or shoe. Shoes that are too loose can lead to freer foot movement and cause more friction as a result. Sweating also worsens the problem by softening the skin and making it more vulnerable to blisters.

Both chafing and blisters can interrupt your regular run, marathon, training session or other physical activity. They can cause mild discomfort to substantial pain and can be fairly long-lasting. Blisters and chafing can be prevented by coating the skin with a smooth solution that significantly reduces the level of friction. 2Toms line of products manufactured by Medi-Dyne has a range of anti-chafing and blister-prevention for various parts of the body that are affected by soreness of the skin from friction.

2Toms® Best Anti Chafing for Runners

1) 2Toms® SportShield®

With a waterproof formula, SportShield® anti-chafing products are ideal for all types of sports and outdoor activities. It prevents the friction that causes chafing and blisters while performing with you under the most grueling conditions. When you apply it to your skin, it creates a uniform shield does not cause discomfort.

2Toms® SportShield® Anti Chafing Roll-On

It is recommended for the most vulnerable areas that come in repeated contact with fabric or other parts of your body. It should be applied on the inner thighs, groin area, tops of toes, parts of the waist, shoulders and back that come in contact with straps or waistbands, underarms and sides. It can safely be applied under wet suits and swimsuits.

It is waterproof, making it the best anti-chafing product for runners, triathletes, and swimmers. It is easily wiped clean by baby wipes or gently washed off with soap and water.

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2) 2Toms® SportShield® XTRA

2Toms SportShield XTRA contains the same ingredients as 2Toms SportShield, but with a little enhancement. While SportShield contains aloe and vitamin E, SportShield XTRA contains aloe and shea butter to moisturize and soothe the skin. It provides a more soothing effect to alleviate soreness from friction. It can be applied to the most sensitive and delicate parts of the skin such as the groin area, tops of nipples and underarms for added protection.

2Toms SportShield XTRA Anti Chafing Roll-On

It also contains calendula extract, green tea extract and horsetail plant extract. These additional ingredients have anti-microbial properties. Parts of the body that perspire the most during prolonged strenuous activity can develop fungal infections. These natural extracts have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which make SportShield XTRA among the best anti chafing products for runners who has delicate skin.

Both SportShield and SportShield XTRA are non-toxic, fragrance-free and do not contain dyes. They are waterproof, sweat-proof and can last for all day.

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3) 2Toms® BlisterShield® Blister Prevention

2Toms BlisterShield is a waterproof powder and is the best product for runners to prevent blisters. It is also suited for heavy physical activity like yard work. You can use it before running, walking and any sports that involve the heavy use of feet. It is available in a 5 oz. pouch or a set of 6 single-use travel size packets.

2Toms® BlisterShield® Blister Prevention

Blisters form from the concurrence of pressure, heat, moisture and friction. BlisterShield is a silky powder that keeps the area dry and reduces friction and heat buildup. It keeps the most vulnerable parts of your feet, like the soles, heels and tops of toes, protected while you run.

BlisterShield does not clump or become greasy. It is waterproof and repels moisture. It provides all day protection and begins to work as soon as you apply it. Care should be taken to thoroughly dry your feet before applying the powder. Rubbing alcohol provides additional drying, especially in problem areas like in between the toes.

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4) 2Toms® ButtShield®

ButtShield is among the best anti chafing products for saddle sores and rashes on the butt. It is waterproof and that is available as a 1.5 oz. roll-on or a set of single-use towelettes.

2Toms® ButtShield® Anti Chafing Roll-On

Its fragrance-free formula provides silky-smooth protection to so-called “danger zones” on your body that are the most delicate. It provides all day protection and is waterproof. It contains the extracts of horsetail and calendula for relief from stinging. ButtShield is the best anti chafing product for runners and bikers who are prone to saddle sores from the bike seat.

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5) 2Toms® Chafe Defender™

Chafe Defender is a range of specially designed anti chafing products for heavy-duty physical activity. It is among the best anti chafing products for military and first responders, who perform extreme and prolonged physical activity. It is also well-suited for rucking and activities in hot and humid conditions. It is available as a 1.5 oz. roll-on and a set of single-use towelettes.

2Toms® Chafe Defender™ Anti Chafing Roll-On

It provides smooth 24-hour protection during the most grueling activity in hot, humid and wet conditions. It is best suited for extreme weather and strenuous physical training. It is waterproof, sweatproof and fragrance-free.

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Whether you are a sportsperson or regularly indulge in heavy physical activity, 2Toms has the best anti chafing products for your specific needs. With the 2Toms anti chafing and blister prevention formula, you can protect yourself from irritating skin soreness from chafing, rashes, microbial infections and painful blisters. 2Toms carries a range of the best anti chafing products for runners, hikers, swimmers and other fitness and outdoor enthusiasts. Pick one up today and enjoy a pain-free run, hike or swim.

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By Medi-Dyne     November 17, 2021