70 Ways to Use SportShield

70 Ways to Use SportShield

70 Ways to Use SportShield

Here at Medi-Dyne, one of our most popular products at is our 2Toms SportShield. We have heard some pretty wild uses of SportShield so I went around and asked our coworkers, our friends, and our families to tell me the various uses of our 2Toms SportShield. The answers we got, some serious, some not so serious, were great! So without further ado, here are 70 ways to use SportShield!

  1. Nipple Chafing
  2. Inner Thigh Chafing
  3. Jeans Rubbing Your Legs
  4. Armpit Chafing
  5. Biking
  6. Under Boobs
  7. Neck Chafing
  8. Waist
  9. Swimsuit/ Bikini Chafe
  10. Stomach Chafe
  11. Wiping it all over your body and then going down a water slide
  12. Going down a water slide
  13. Using it to make somebody slip as a prank
  14. To Keep your doors from creaking
  15. Perfect for an ideal slip’N’slide
  16. To avoid getting tackled in football
  17. To stop soccer shin guard chafe
  18. Stop brakes on a car from squeaking
  19. Put on a wetsuit
  20. To avoid the various surfing chafes
  21. Stops Disney Land/ theme park chafing
  22. Neck Chafe from Dirtbike helmet
  23. Prevent chafing during Pokemon Go

  24. Ballet feet
  25. Substitute for banana in Mario Kart
  26. Prime MoonWalking
  27. Horseback Riding Chafe
  28. Slick up your body for MMA
  29. Put on a door handle and make it tough to grip
  30. Put on the back seat of your motorcycle to ditch a bad date

  31. To be slick in boxing
  32. Slick Fireman’s Pole
  33. Pool Cue Slick
  34. Mud Wrestling
  35. Protect Puppy Paws
  36. Put on Snowboard or Skis to go faster
  37. Putting on tights
  38. Putting on a swim Cap
  39. To keep your headphones from getting tangled
  40. To make sure your sunglasses don’t chafe your ears
  41. Sequin Chafe
  42. To keep your back from sticking to a floatie

  43. Neck chafe from football helmet
  44. Under your watch to keep it from chafing
  45. Put on clothing tags
  46. Seatbelts in a racecar
  47. To put on a wakeboard or a water ski
  48. Help put on latex gloves
  49. Back of ankle with high heels
  50. Bluetooth earpiece chafe
  51. (For horse) To stop saddle chafe
  52. Stop necklaces from chafing
  53. To glide through the water in a swimming race

  54. Stop short drawstring chafe
  55. Prevent cauliflower ear in wrestling
  56. Divers to minimize splash
  57. New shoe chafe
  58. Removing rings from your hand
  59. Chafing from crutches
  60. Sliding into home plate
  61. Doing the Cha Cha Slide

  62. Earring insertion
  63. Skateboard wheel lube
  64. Keep pimple from rubbing on clothes
  65. Body massages
  66. Bicycle Chain Lube
  67. Keep puppy hair from knotting

  68. Climbing a tree
  69. Keeping a lei from chafing
  70. Scuba Diving Gear
  71. Dance floor chafing
  72. Chafing from crutches

What we found out is that SportShield can apparently be used for almost anything! While they all certainly sound fun, we feel the need to say try at your own risk! We hope you guys enjoy all of the different SportShield uses as much as we do!

Did we miss any new uses? Let us know!

Read more about SportShield here!

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