lady with rotator cuff pain

Essential Stretching Exercises for Rotator Cuff Pain Relief and Rehabilitation

Explore how stretching can help with rotator cuff pain, find stretching exercises for post-surgery rehabilitation.
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Women runner with Achilles tendon pain

How Do You Identify Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms?

Learn how you can identify Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms and who is prone to suffer from Achilles tendonitis.
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male runner suffering from Achilles tendonitis pain

Achilles Tendonitis Stretches and Exercises

Achilles tendonitis can be prevented by improving lower extremity strength, balance and flexibility. Learn about stretches and exercises for Achilles tendonitis.
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Stretching the plantar fascia using ProStretch Plus

Stretches to Soothe Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Foot stretches for plantar fasciitis can put you on a path to healing. Here are some exercises to help you soothe plantar fasciitis with ProStretch Plus.
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Kids playing soccer

The Best Stretches to Relieve Sever's Disease

If your child is suffering from heel pain, Sever’s disease may be to blame. Here are some simple stretches to help you relieve Sever's disease.
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Molly Back Stretching with Addaday Nonagon Foam Roller

Top 10 Reasons Stretching Should Be Part of Your New Year

We have all heard that stretching is important. Sure, it’s important for athletes but the truth is that everyone should...
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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Products That Give You Quick Pain Relief

Most lower back pain is caused by improper lifting or other minor muscle injuries, such as a muscle or ligament strain, in the lower back. However, several other conditions could be causing your lower back pain, including:
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